Death Related Blog Posts

Recently, Michigan State University’s Katy Meyers posted her take on Michael Boyd’s (2014) article in World Archaeology that explores Mycenaean funerary practices.  Katy’s blog (Bones Don’t Lie) is just one example of a bunch of new blogs being written on mortuary practices, bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, human osteology, and other “death” related topics.  I’ve written about blogs before (see here) and I want to post links to those that I’ve been following lately.  Beyond Bones Don’t Lie, I also recommend:

Blogging has become a much more serious and significant way for bioarchaeologists and anthropologists to discuss and debate recent advances in the field as well as present their research to the public.  I mention blogging as a significant new trend in bioarchaeology in my recent contribution Bioarchaeology as a Process: An Examination of Bioarchaeological Tribes in the U.S (Rakita 2014; you can also download it from my site here) to Barra O’Donnabhain and Nene Lozada’s Global Perspectives on Archaeological Human Remains volume.  You can also read about blogging in Archaeology in the digital volume that developed out of a symposium at the 2014 Society for American Archaeology meetings in Austin.

I encourage you to get an RSS feed reader set up and start enjoying the posts of these wonderful bloggers.


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