One comment on “I owe much more than just a song…

  1. Thank you, Gordon. I’m coming out of the fog of a three-migraine week, and the sketchy sleep that accompanies these now relatively rare occurrences in my life, when I decided to check into the virtual world to see what I might have missed in the haze of the past week. Little did I expect to find a such a moving tribute by one of my most outstanding former students. I didm’t know about and “C’s” or
    “D’s” on your transcript. What I remember is a student who showed up in my office with articles about complexity and chaos theory, speculating on how they might be applied to bioarchaeology; a student who designed his own analysis of differential bone preservation at the Tutu site in the Caribbean. You now motivate me to work on my own project, one that will make clear the legacy that you and your students carry, one that started long before me, with names of some of our field’s most eminent founders….Brues, Hooton, Keith. For now, know how grateful I am to read your words and remember some of the very best and most rewarding years in my career as a Prof.

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