Recommended Web Apps for Students

I love web apps. Moreover, I think that the reasons I love them make them particularly useful and appropriate for college students. I love them because the ones I recommend below are (1) free, (2) online, (3) help with productivity, and (4) have apps that work with them. I think the first reason is fairly…

Resumes & Curriculum Vitae

A good resume or CV can mean the difference between getting a job or not…review these links before you build (or revise) yours: How to prep a short CV:  Good advice for resume and job app cover letters: Advice on CVs: and and … And keep your resume up to date….add…

Academic Advisers….

Picking an academic or professional adviser is an important decision for any graduate or undergraduate student.  These posts provide some great advice and warnings about picking a person who will advance your career and help you succeed. Read this before you pick a “NICE” adviser:  Remember that your adviser and committee work for you:…

“La Maladie Francaise”

This is a great comment by Archaeologist Steven Lekson…well worth it if you’re struggling with Bourdieu…. La Maladie Francaise  

Three Interesting Articles with Advice for Graduate Student Wannabes

Below are links to three very interesting articles that those of you thinking about going to graduate school should read.  There is some very good advice and things to think about in each of these. GR