Recommended Web Apps for Students

I love web apps. Moreover, I think that the reasons I love them make them particularly useful and appropriate for college students. I love them because the ones I recommend below are (1) free, (2) online, (3) help with productivity, and (4) have apps that work with them. I think the first reason is fairly…

Merging Google Maps and Tables of Data

I came across this post and while I haven’t tried it yet, it would seem to be a really cool way to build a DIY GIS project.  It would be great to see someone do something with archaeological data with this system.

Bibliography building software

I strongly urge all students (undergraduates & graduates) to pick a citation management system and learn how to use it.  There are various kinds of citation database applications.  Some are resident on your machine (like Endnote) while others are web-based (e.g. Refworks).  Many, including Zotero, have both desktop and web-based options.  Some you pay for,…

UNF’s Virtual Lab

UNF now offers a virtual lab to students and faculty that provides access to major software applications like SPSS. Click here for more information and directions.