This is the place where I post information and links that I think might be useful to students.  Some of these posts are for students who plan to go on to graduate school.  But many others are for students just starting their undergraduate program or for people who are planning non-academic careers. GR

Getting a grip on Archaeothanatology

Just this week, news agencies have been reporting about a burial containing two skeletons purportedly holding hands.  See ABC’s news story here.  Determining if, in fact, these two individuals were buried with hands gripping each other requires precise and careful excavation and observation of the location and arrangement of the existing remains. Of course, the absence of…

Death Related Blog Posts

Recently, Michigan State University’s Katy Meyers posted her take on Michael Boyd’s (2014) article in World Archaeology that explores Mycenaean funerary practices.  Katy’s blog (Bones Don’t Lie) is just one example of a bunch of new blogs being written on mortuary practices, bioarchaeology, forensic anthropology, human osteology, and other “death” related topics.  I’ve written about blogs…

Feynman on the Scientific Method

This is a great clip of Richard Feynman discussing the Scientific Method.  I saw it posted on Carl Lipo blog (http://www.evobeach.com/).  I love how Feynman explains the relationship between theories and empirical evidence.  He also does a pretty good job of making the point that we never prove theories true.

Never assume anything in my class!

The movie Paper Chase (1973) is a classic academic movie (it’s also a love story).  At university, you encounter all sorts of professors; kind ones and curmudgeons, those who hold your hand while you take intellectual leaps, and those who push you off the cliff.  Kingsfield is definitely not one of the warm-fuzzy types.  However,…

It’s in there!…(i.e. It’s in the Syllabus)

Many years ago…there was a corny spaghetti sauce commercial (embedded below).  The catch phrase of the ad was “It’s in there..” referring to all the good ingredients that were included in the product.  As we start the new academic term, I direct your attention to this cartoon from Ph.D. comics…

Recommended Web Apps for Students

I love web apps. Moreover, I think that the reasons I love them make them particularly useful and appropriate for college students. I love them because the ones I recommend below are (1) free, (2) online, (3) help with productivity, and (4) have apps that work with them. I think the first reason is fairly…

For New College Students

Below are links to two essays I wish I could make every new college student read. Professor’s Pet Peeves Advice for New College Students  

How Grades Work.

A great cartoon from the College Misery site.  Please remember that grades are earned, not given; are an assessment of performance not effort; and unless you live in Lake Wobegon, not everyone is above average. And here’s a great cartoon from Piling it Higher and Deeper…  

Merging Google Maps and Tables of Data

I came across this post and while I haven’t tried it yet, it would seem to be a really cool way to build a DIY GIS project.  It would be great to see someone do something with archaeological data with this system.