My Service

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAI am committed to contributing to the successful workings of the institutions and association that I am a member of.  I enjoy serving these organizations and I have a strong and sustained record of service to my academic department, college, university, discipline, and community.  My service efforts are driven by three factors.  First, I believe that I have considerable aptitude and abilities for the types of activities involved in service to academic and disciplinary units.  I work hard to be organized, have a regular system for making sure I meet all my obligations and duties, and maintain a precise schedule and calendar.  These practices allow me to juggle myriad and varied responsibilities in an efficient manner.  I preference identification of issues and pro-active development of solutions to those issues rather than reactive response to issues after they become critical.  I am collaborative by nature and work hard to bring all stakeholders to the table when seeking solutions.  These skills and dispositions have made me an effective servant to my colleagues.

The second reason I am dedicated to serve is the wonderfully nurturing environment that my academic and disciplinary organizations have provided me.  I have had the great fortune to be a member of a department, college, university, and discipline that cultivated, supported, and cared for me as I developed my career.  The ability of these organizations to provide me with such an environment was due in no small measure to the dedicated service of past and current members and their service efforts.  I wish to contribute in similar ways to ensuring that these organizations continue to be welcoming and nurturing places for those who come after me.

The third factor influencing my commitment to service is the magnifying impact my service can have on my community.  Simply put, if I publish an important article or teach a wonderful course, I make important contributions.  However, if through serving I can help my colleagues and facilitate their own scholarly and teaching efforts, then I can leverage my small service efforts in service of more significant productivity by my colleagues.  Given my aptitudes, dedication to maintaining positive working environments, and interest in magnifying the impact of my efforts, I have been a committed servant over my career.  Below I discuss in detail three examples of my service efforts.  I follow that with a list of my other service accomplishments since my last promotion.  Service related documents can be found in the last section of volume 3 of this dossier.

Anthropology Program Coordinator

From 2010 to 2012, I took on the role of anthropology program coordinator in our department.  As program coordinator I accomplished quite a bit and set our program on the path to excellence.  For example, I:

  • oversaw the review of our previous external review, coordinated the completion of the program’s Self-Study document, and successfully prepared our program for its five-year external review (2011-2013)
  • led the discussion among the faculty regarding a major round of curricular revisions and successfully saw those revisions through the university’s academic program committee process
  • established program priorities, developed meeting agendas and minutes, and oversaw program bureaucratic requirements
  • regularly consulted with the Chair regarding the teaching schedule, the identification of replacement faculty for colleagues who needed to take family-medical leave, and the strategic development of the anthropology program
  • developed appropriate materials for advertising our program to students (e.g. by developing flyers for our major and minor) and prepared our first student handbook
  • coordinated with the department’s office manager to maintain our portion of the department’s website and to revamp our program bulletin board
  • prepared a procedure for selecting our outstanding undergraduate student each year
  • collected data from the faculty regarding their opinions on course enrollment caps and advocated during the scheduling process for pedagogically sound course enrollment limits
  • developed a rotational schedule for faculty teaching our core and elective courses so that courses were equitably distributed across faculty
  • assisted in the development of an Anthropology Graduation ceremony for the Spring 2012 term and established a list of UNF Anthropology alumni for future fund-raising activities
  • represented the program at UNF’s Open House student recruitment events and participated in student advising events
  • managed our outcomes assessment efforts and completed the appropriate data uploads to the online tracking system (Anthropology’s assessment was selected several times as an exemplar by the UNF Office of Assessment)

Faculty Association President

I have completed the first year of my term as President of the UNF Faculty Association.  This role also involves serving as a Trustee of the University and a member of the UNF Foundation Board.  As President, I am an ex officio member of all Faculty Association committees.  However, in practice I regularly attend the Faculty Affairs and Executive Committee meetings (both monthly).  I also attend the Dean’s Council and the Institutional Effectiveness meetings when called together by the Provost (usually monthly).  I represent UNF at meetings of the Florida Advisory Council of Faculty Senates.  I meet once per month with the Provost and 1-2 times per month with the President.  I call together and charged the 6 Faculty Association awards committees, and this past year served as chair for one of them.  I spend anywhere from 2-4 hours per week working with the Association’s executive secretary on various business and a similar amount of time responding to emails and meeting with faculty.  I chair the monthly meetings of the Association and I am pleased to report that attendance at these meetings which was barely 40 faculty at the beginning of my term in now around 120 faculty.  This past year I also served as a member of the Academic Technology Task Force.  This body was charged with recommending the creation of an Academic Technology unit and involved over 20 meetings of the task force and a dozen other meetings with various campus stakeholders.  The Faculty Association accomplished several important things this past year above and beyond our usual efforts including:

  • Overseeing a new faculty award (the Community Engaged Scholarship Award)
  • Beginning the transition of the Association’s website to the university’s content management system (CMS)
  • Moving the Association’s office into new space in building 16
  • Moving our monthly meetings to the Talon room and arranging a pre-meeting luncheon for faculty

Program Chair for the Society for American Archaeology National Meeting

Last year I was selected by the Society for American Archaeology (SAA) to serve as Program Chair for the society’s 78th Annual Meetings (my committee report to the society is provided in the supplemental materials).  The SAA is the national professional association for American archaeologists and publishes two of the premier archaeological journals in the country. As program chair I was responsible for managing the program committee’s review of over 1000 abstracts, 170 organized sessions, and 13 forums.  Additionally, the committee was responsible for organizing into thematic session those independently submitted abstracts.  Finally, I was responsible for scheduling all sessions into the available rooms in the conference center over the five days of the meetings.  I served not only as chair, but fully participated as a committee member by assigning myself a comparable share of abstracts to review and sort.  My efforts as Program chair spanned from mid-August to the meeting dates in early April, however the bulk of the work took place in September, October, and the first half of November.  I estimate that during this peak time, my efforts amounted to approximately 20-30 hours per week.

Other Professional Service Activities

Below I list my other service to my department, university, discipline, and community.

Sociology & Anthropology Department Service

  • Member, Strategic Planning Committee, (Aug) 2010 – present
  • Faculty Mentor for Two Faculty (Hargrove, Simon), (Sept) 2010 – present
  • Anthropology Representative, Library Liaison Program, (Feb) 2010 – present
  • Member, “Engage Department” Community-Based T.L. Committee, (Aug) 2010 – (Aug) 2012
  • Chair, Anthropology Program External Review Self-Study Committee, (Sept) 2011 – (Aug) 2012
  • Member, Third Year Tenure Appraisal Committee (Hargrove), (Feb) 2011
  • Member, Social Welfare Hiring Search Committee (2 lines), (Sept) 2010 – (Feb) 2011
  • Member, Promotion & Tenure Committee (Stuber), (Sept) 2010 – (Oct) 2010
  • Chair, Third Year Tenure Appraisal Committee (Simon), (Feb) 2010
  • Member, Colloquium Committee, (Sept) 2008 – (Aug) 2010
  • Member, Peer Teaching Review Committee, (Sept) 2008 – (Aug) 2010


  • Awarded 2011-2012 Outstanding Faculty Service Award, University of North Florida, 2012
  • Member, First Year Experience Committee, Academic Affairs, (Sept) 2011(May) 2012
  • Member, Faculty Affairs Committee, Faculty Association, (Aug) 2009(Sept) 2013
  • Member, College of Arts & Sciences Advisor Hiring Committee, (Jan) 2011 – (Feb) 2011
  • Member, General Education Assessment Task Force, College of Arts & Sciences, (May) 2008 (May) 2010
  • Member, Transformational Learning Opportunities Proposal Review Committee, Academic Affairs, (Sept) 2008, (Oct) 2010, (Oct) 2012


  • Associate Editor, SAA Press Editorial Board, (March) 2011 – (March) 2014
  • Member, SAA Press Editorial Board, (March) 2008 – (March) 2011
  • Judge, Ethics Bowl, SAA Annual Meetings, (April) 2010
  • Associate Editor for Bioarchaeology, SAS Bulletin, Society for Archaeological Sciences, (May) 2005 – (May) 2012
  • 3 Proposal Reviews for the U.S. National Science Foundation, (2 in 2010, 1 in 2011)
  • 8 Manuscript submission peer-reviews
    • 1 Manuscript for Advances in Archaeological Practice, 2013
    • 3 Manuscripts for American Antiquity, 2010, 2011, 2013
    • 1 Manuscript for Florida Anthropologist, 2012
    • 1 Manuscript for the International Journal of Osteoarchaeology, 2013
    • 1 Manuscript for the Journal of Anthropological Archaeology, 2008
    • 1 Manuscripts for Latin American Antiquity, 2012


  • Invited Presenter – “The Complex Whole: Darwinian Approaches to Cultural Evolution”, First Coast Freethought Society, Jacksonville, FL. (February) 2013
  • Living with the Dead: Unusual Mortuary Treatments from the Prehispanic Southwest, Public presentation at Mississippi State University. (October) 2011
  • Invited Presenter – “Of Metaphysics & Missing Links: Ardipithecus ramidus and Modeling Human Evolution”, First Coast Freethought Society, Jacksonville, FL. (February) 2010
  • Pro bono ground-penetrating radar surveys at three local cemeteries (Middleburg Methodist Church, St. Joseph’s Cemetery, and Bosque Bello cemetery)